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PMI Removal $450 to $475

Normally, private mortgage insurance can be removed once you have 20% to 30% equity in your home. An appraisal substantiating an increased property value could save you thousands of dollars.

Estate & Sale $450 to $475

Sell your property for a fair price. We provide appraisals that establish a value before listing a property for sale. We also offer appraisals needed to probate an estate or to dispose of real estate.

Relocation $750 to $800

Companies often order an appraisal when relocating an employee outside of the immediate area. A relocation appraisal is a specialized report that involves determining a future anticipated value. 

VA Appraisals $450

A VA-backed mortgage is a great way for veterans to purchase or refinance a house. VA guidelines must be met regarding a home's safety, soundness, and structural integrity.


Mortgage & Refinance $450 to $475

Before a bank or mortgage company will finance a piece of real estate, the lender will want assurance that the property is worth what an individual is paying for it. An appraisal report is the vehicle for establishing that assurance. 

*Note that the fees listed above, represent the appraisal cost for a typical dwelling. Unusual or large properties may incur higher fees.